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We Help You Acquire, Research and Enhance your Art Collection

We help create, grow and enhance wonderful collections of art with young and new collectors. We specialize in decorative arts produced up to the beginning of the 19th century. Old master paintings, sculptures, decorations, furniture, miniatures, historical documents and many other decorative objects are our area of focus. We utilize scholarly research, multiple sources, historical relevance and above all, the beauty that these objects bring for collectors.

The collecting and research journey is about the love and appreciation of beautiful pieces and their craftsmanship that is so fulfilling. In addition to collection consultation, at meb3 we write about art from the perspective of someone humbled by excellence expressed through art.

After all, we are here to enjoy the thrill of history through art, to contribute a small amount to this great and vast field, and to leave some positive mark that will endure.

TEFAF – Press Trip 2016


TEFAF – The European Fine Art Fair. Maastricht


The Antiques Market Sector

“Some dealers in older sectors (of the art market) felt that the rise of Modern and Contemporary art was partially due to generational changes with some of the historical collectors retiring and younger collectors wanting more “loud images and instant gratification more easily found in non-historical sectors”. Nonetheless they felt that collecting in the US had always been cyclical and that interest in traditional art would return”. (TEFAF Art Market Report 2014).


Chinese Works of Art

“The phenomenal prices being paid for Chinese works of art provides a fascinating insight into the tastes of China’s new rich who are driving the market. Traditional western preferences were for older and more subtle workmanship, a fusion of aesthetic and academic values. Now, Chinese buyers are investing most in later works, particularly in 18th century porcelain made for the Emperor Qianlong, such as the record £53 million vase sold at Bainbridge auctions in Ruislip this month, which has been described as ‘gaudy’ and ‘flamboyant’ by critics. Chinese collector and TV personality, Ma Weidu said: “Really it is pretty, but that’s all.” The Emperor Qianlong, who reigned from 1736 to 1795, is seen as the last great Emperor of China, and his style is back in fashion with a vengeance”. (Colin Gleadell, Nov.22.2010. The Telegraph)


Charles Le Brun

Charles Le Brun (24 February 1619 – 22 February 1690) was a French painter and art theorist. Declared by Louis XIV “the greatest French artist of all time”, he was a dominant figure in 17th-century French art and much influenced by Nicolas Poussin.‪

Born in Paris, he attracted the notice of Chancellor Séguier, who placed him at the age of eleven in the studio of Simon Vouet. He was also a pupil of François Perrier.

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